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Article Written By: Doug Loveland

The Battle of Queenston Heights has long been viewed as the genesis of a Canadian patriotic sensibility. Isaac Brock has been remembered for his inspiriting leadership of the Upper Canadian settlers and pioneers to join him in armed opposition to the American invasion across the Niagara. Brock was killed in the tragic attempt to retake the redan, and his second in command, Col. John MacDonnell, was mortally wounded in a second failed attempt. The details of the engagement and its significance as a nation-building mythological hero-saga that has shaped the Canadian experience are to be found in many published accounts, most recently A Very Brilliant Affair by Robert Malcolmson.

An item that many readers will find illustrative of the "collateral damage" experienced by those residents of Queenston, Newark and environs is found in the following excerpt from Upper Canadian Provincial Legislative records held in the archives of Ontario.

Losses sustained by His Majesty's troops:

"War Loss Claim #1392: Luke Carroll

A Statement of Losses sustained by Luke Carroll of the township of Niagara, during the late War between Great Britain and the United States of America.

18 Galls. Spirits, taken by the officers & dealt out to the soldiery on the 13th Oct. 1812 @ 18 shillings per gallon. £16
50 pounds ham taken by the soldiery on the 13th Oct. 1812 @ 1 shilling per pound £2, 10 shillings
60 sheaves of oats taken by the soldiery on the 13th Oct. 1812 £1
2 ½ barrels Cider taken by the soldiery on the 13th Oct. 1812 £6
knives, forks and spoons taken by the soldiery on the 13th Oct. 1812 £3
Wearing apparel, viz. shirts, boots, cloth &c &c £11
Sugar butter soap &c &c £6
Bed clothing taken to aid Col. McDonald [sic] in getting to Niagara £25
Total £51

I, Luke Carrol of the township of Niagara do hereby solemnly declare that I have actually sustained the damages in the accompanying claim set forth, and I have not received any remuneration whatever either from His Majesty's Government, from the individuals who committeed the damage claimed for or from any person responsible for them.

Signed: Luke Carroll
Witness: Richard Cockrell
This document shows that Luke Carroll was a minor player in the larger drama being played out along the Niagara River in October of 1812. As Col. MacDonnell was transported from the heights back along the river road to Fort George, the soldiers must have grabbed the quilts and blankets of the household to ease the dying officer's suffering during the rough wagon ride over the portage cartpaths. This conveying party would naturally have foraged for food and supplies as they returned to garrison at Fort George. Fearing the imminent reinforcement of the American positions on the west bank of the Niagara, the British were provisioning for a half-expected siege of the Fort. There were many more such farms and households similarly relieved of stores put by for the approaching winter, such losses being a great hardship to the pioneer families, causing resentments that sometimes persisted.

Nevertheless, the records (see below) subsequently show that Luke Carroll was a member of the 2nd Regiment of Lincoln Militia in 1814, appearing on the muster roles for July of 1814, just prior to the Battle of Lundy's Lane. Despite not having been compensated for the supplies taken by the soldiery, he is among those pioneer farmers who opposed the American invasion of their Upper Canadian farms, mills and towns. American sympathies were common among a populace so many of whom had only recently arrived with republican dispositions.

Circumstance of place and past has led me to become a member of the Norfolk Militia, ostensibly portraying my GGGGGrandfather, Luke Carroll, or at least a generic settler, farmer, tradesman and householder in Upper Canada. His son, Luke Jr., had his farm expropriated for the first Welland Canal, and the family migrated westward to Iowa in the mid 1840's. Luke died in 1836, and is currently buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Thorold, Ontario, following disinterment and relocation of his remains for construction of the second canal. He appears to have been a disputatious citizen, and I cannot help but imagine his response to McKenzie's Colonial Advocate, a publication he surely would have been familiar with from the 1820's. His origins remain a matter of ongoing research and speculation, with the current hypothesis being that his father may have been a CARL(E) instead of CARROLL. The Carl(e) family may have been from the 'burned-over' frontier of New York, with possible loyalist associations. Any researchers of either local or family history who may be familiar with any of these names are encouraged, nay, implored, to contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The muster rolls, pay lists and other documents relating to the 2nd Regiment of Lincoln Militia collected by the Public Archives, and as published in Lincoln at Bay by Ernest Green are included here.

Captain John Chrysler's Company

Capt. John Chrysler 22 July 27 July
Lieut. Anthony Upper 3 July 27 July
Lieut. Lues Clement 3 July 27 July
Ensign Jacob Upper 8 July 27 July
Sergt. John Wilkerson 6 July 27 July
Sergt. George Marlett 7 July 27 July
Sergt. Jacob Nevills 5 July 27 July


Joseph Badgeley 20 July 23 July
John Chrysler 18 July 24 July
Adam Chrysler 3 July 26 July
Frederic Couse 20 July 24 July
Henry Couse 8 July 27 July
Luke Carroll 20 July 24 July
Jonathon Doan 5 July 27 July
Conrad Dennis 13 July 27 July
Thomas Derrickson 14 July 27 July
John Edwards 18 July 27 July
Matthias Emerick 17 July 27 July
Frederic Glaus 18 July 27 July
Samuel Hopkins 18 July 27 July
John Hyatt 22 July 24 July
Hugh Haggerty 18 July 27 July
John Hilton 20 July 27 July
John Johnston 8 July 27 July
John Kelly 13 July 27 July
Isaac Kelly 8 July 27 July
John Keller 13 July 27 July
Hiram Lee 22 July 27 July
Thomas Lodge 18 July 27 July
George Lacey 7 July 27 July
John Muier 15 July 27 July
Abraham Nevills 15 July 27 July
James Ostrander 17 July 20 July
William Ostrander 22 July 27 July
James Ryan 3 July 27 July
Obadiah Roswell 15 July 27 July
Matthew Seburn 16 July 27 July
Peter Swarts 23 July 27 July
George B. Stevenson 16 July 27 July
James Scott 22 July 27 July
William Stevenson 18 July 27 July
James Toles 3 July 27 July
Silas Toles 12 July 27 July
Corn'l's Vanfalkenburg 3 July 27 July
John Vanderburg 14 July 27 July
Jacob Vanderburg 14 July 27 July
Isaac Vanfleet 11 July 27 July
Harmones Vanalstine 18 July 27 July
Harmones Vanderburg 22 July 27 July
Jacob Wilkerson 19 July 27 July
Andrew Wilson 9 July 27 July
William Wilson 10 July 27 July
Durias Williams 5 July 27 July
Robert Wilkerson 3 July 27 July
John Wilson 5 July 27 July
James Wiley 25 July 27 July
Conrad Wills 17 July 27 July
Hugh Wilson 5 July 27 July
John Williams 5 July 27 July