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Question: I'm not located near Norfolk County, can I still join?

Answer: Absolutely! Our members range from Georgina to places South of the border! If you send us your information we will do our level best to ensure that you are kept in the loop and are able to attend our events.

Question: How much will this cost?

Answer: To be involved at a minimal level, you'll probably be looking at around $300 to get started. We have information about this in our About Us section of this website.



Question: Do I get to wear a red coat and fire a gun?

Answer: Yes and no... The Norfolk Militia was not really a "red-coat" regiment although we were issued 29 uniforms during the War of 1812 so you *could* end up wearing one. Again, it is all up to you and you should read through our About Us pages for further information or contact us directly

Question: Do I need special training or a license? (CDN)

Answer: Canadian law says that on antique (or antique reproduction) flint-lock firearms, no standard FAC (Firearms Acquisition Certificate... which is being phased out in favour of the Possession and Acquisition License) is required, but in order to purchase the powder (black powder) you must have a valid PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) from the Federal Government.

If you're unsure about this or have any other questions, please contact us.

As far as training you on the use and safety of your flintlock (Brown Bess or other period replica), this will be done by the Norfolk Militia at our drills and, if possible, at some events.

Question: Is the Norfolk Militia a historically "real" group or is it just one for re-enacting?

Answer: Absolutely YES! The Norfolk Militia was a real group that is very much entrenched in the history of Canada (and there is a modern Norfolk Militia still operating in The Armed Forces of Canada). We have a page on the website devoted to the early history of the unit.

Question: I'm not really sure if I want to join up and would like more information. What's my best way to learn more?

Answer: Attend a re-enactment and come and have a chat with our volunteers! We have a "calendar" of events available for you to plan when and where you can come and enjoy a battle and an encampment! These events are truly fun and informational for the whole family!




Question: I'm a female and I'd love to join, but I want to be in the field as a soldier. Is this possible?

Answer: With Norfolk, absolutely!  We would certainly be willing to answer any questions you may have regarding the various roles of ladies within our group.  Please feel free to email Kell or speak to any of our members in person during re-enactments where our group is represented.


Question: Can my family attend events?

Answer: Again, absolutely! Many families attend events and children are as much a part of an encampment as the adults! It's a great "community" for families to share and enjoy. For more information about bringing the whole gang along please contact us.

Question: How much do we get paid for this?

Answer: Sorry, it's all strictly volunteer work. We are not paid to participate in events.


Question: How do I obtain rank?

Answer: Basically, you *must* earn rank through attending events, helping out and basically working to aid and assist the Norfolk Militia (Heritage Regiment) Re-Enactment Group as you can. Sorry, you cannot purchase your commission with us!


Question: I'd love to be able to do this and am willing to spend the money but I'm worried that I don't have enough time for it...

Answer: There are only two *must attend* events with the Norfolk Militia and we would appreciate seeing you at four or more events on top of these, but we do understand that this can be a problem for some. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Question: Does the Norfolk Militia (Heritage Regiment) Re-Enactment Group offer a military band or an artillery group I can join?

Answer: Yes! If you are interested in being a member of the number one band in re-enactment or, the number one artillery group, please contact us for more information.


Question: I don't see my question on this FAQ! Where can I get the information?

Answer: This FAQ is a "living" document and will grow with time. If your question isn't "frequently asked", it may not be here so please feel free to contact us directly.